Discussion: Photography with David Leyshon

In the past couple of years Melbourne based photographer David Leyshon has become one of our go to guys for images. We've been lucky enough to work with him on a couple of shoots and are consistently impressed by his attention to detail, skill behind the lense and understanding of the Walter aesthetic.

We managed to steal a couple of minutes from him to chew the fat about photography, what motivates him and his bad boy side project Chop Shot. Read on.

1) Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is David Leyshon, I’m 30 and currently live in Melbourne. I take pictures.

2) What got you hooked on photography?

I have to give a lot of credit to my mum. She gave me my first SLR a canon AV-1 (which I still have) when I was a young teenager. I used to skate a lot with my buddies and found myself more and more behind the lens. I think I have a creative mind, but I really can’t draw or anything, so it gives me an outlet.

3) What inspires you/motivates you?

As cheesy as it sounds I get inspired by other creative people. Anyone that can make a career out of doing what they love is someone I aspire to be. I get all the motivation I need from finishing projects. Once I finish with a project I get so amped to start another one.

4) You've been involved in a couple of Walter Shoots – what's it been like working on the jewellery shoots?

Walter Crow have been one of my favourite clients. Especially as the shoots I do involve other professionals in different creative fields than mine. It also helps that the product is top notch. I can happily wear Walter with pride.

5) What is your go to equipment?

I’m a canon guy. I love my 5D Mark III, with a 70-200 2.8 you can’t go wrong. I’m lucky enough to work for Canon, so I have a cupboard full of toys. I use Broncolor lighting for my studio work.

6) Chop Shot, what is it and how did it come about?

Chop Shot is basically my alter ego, a side of my work that is strictly motorbike photography. I recently bought my first motorbike, after talking about it for way too long, and decided to shoot it in my studio. It was fairly stock and boring so I borrowed a bike from the boys at Mid Life Cycles and they were pretty happy with my work, so I shot some more, and people started asking me to shoot their bikes for them. Now I’ve been in a magazine, have 2 other magazines coming out and have a solo exhibition coming up in July. All this in under 6 months. It’s been full on but I’m enjoying the ride (pun intended).

7) Any advice for young photographers?

Shoot as much as you can, whenever you can, of whatever you can. You never know what will come of shooting something that you may not find interesting at the time. Also always find time to shoot your own personal work otherwise you risk losing passion to create new things.

8) Finish it up, where should Walter go next?

Come back and visit me in Melbourne. Product wise, I love that you guys are doing leather collabs. I’d like a motorbike wallet chain, key tag and tool roll….. Thanks.

You can find out more about Dave and his work with Chop Shot over on his website or follow his journey over on Instagram @chop_shot. Cheers Phil.

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